Nutra – Freight International Ltd is one of North America’s leading provider of premium truckload and multimodal transportation and logistics solutions.

Our Philosophy


We are committed to delivering transportation solutions in partnership with our valued customers. Our aim is to provide nothing less than the highest quality for discerning clients. It is a value in which we believe, and indeed one which we choose to differentiate our service from that of others.

We are a community and transportation leader with long term relationships built on trust and competive service.We have a long term business horizon, and believe in sure and steady growth by building personal relationships based on integrity, trust and recommendation.

We believe that quality comes from a synergy of commitment, experience, attention to detail, and innovation. We recognize and respect the opnions,contributions and personal worth of individuals.
Encourage and support proactive decision making, intelligent risk taking and creative thinking.

Creativity and Innovation
With many years of experience in specialist fields, we are able to offer solutions that are both focused on, and tightly matched to, client needs

Current clients have undivided attention for the duration of their project. New work will be constrained to a level that allows us to provide a service exclusive to contracted client needs. On occasions this may mean a delay before we can accept new work, and trust that this will be understood.
We aim to provide a comprehensive, specialised service with individual styling and attention to detail that will delight clients

Personal service
As a small business we can provide a very personal service. Without compromising integrity, we will maintain sufficient flexibility to allow us first to listen, then adapt to, and meet, the specific needs of our clients.

We do not set out to deliver the cheapest service. In comparison with some, our rates will seem higher.
Prospective clients should bear in mind however, that unlike those who subsequently charge "extras", we aim to provide an inclusive rate, and to produce what we call the "Oh yes" response. You will hear it when you ask the question "Does the rate you gave me include.......?"

Leading edge technology with old fashioned values
At a time of changing values, and in a dynamic industry, we aim to offer leading-edge e-business technology, consultancy and other services within a framework of traditional business ethics and personal service.

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